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We know you're eager to receive your do-it-yourself pool and begin the installation. Or perhaps you've already received your on ground pool and are enjoying the satisfaction of a pool you installed yourself. Either way, you're going to want to check out our additional resources on the care and maintenance of your on ground swimming pool.

Great Maintenance Tips For Your New EZ Do Pool

Congratulations! You're the proud owner of an exquisite and freshly installed EZ Do Pool. You've saved time and money. You're the envy of the neighborhood, and the hero of the household. Getting you here is one thing, and getting you through the next 20 plus years is another. Check out these great tips for maintaining your EZ Do Pool.

Basic installation 101

So you've taken the plunge! Congrats. Enough pats on the back; there will be plenty of that when the project is completed. This Basic Installation Tutorial will give you the necessary information to get started.

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Looking For Tips On Installing Your Pool?

View our EZ DO installation videos and enjoy the benefits of watching how easy it's done!

EZ Do Pools Installation Videos To The Rescue

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We also provide specially designed liners, filters, fiber optic lighting and other accessories. Be sure to check out our additional products to enhance the beauty of your pool. For some great ideas, visit the gallery or view our online video tutorials.